Creative Resources in Bristol

Having relocated to Bristol last year we found out how hard it was being in a new city without our trusted, relied upon creative resources at our doorstep. Be it suppliers, studio space or even somewhere to find net working events, we were at a bit of a loss.  This meant lots of researching when we first got here in an attempt to find the best businesses and organisations to put our faith in. Having heard that quite a lot of creative businesses are upping sticks and heading to Bristol; the new creative place to be, we thought we would give you newbies a hand and put together a list of useful resources to explore if needed.



So for those of you that are in two minds about making the move and just want to come and get a feel for the city Clifton Short Lets is here to help. They offer a range of rooms in shared houses from as little as a weeks stay up to 3 months. They are really flexible too meaning that it is also an ideal place to stay while you are looking for something more long term once you have made the move.


Being a creative comes hand in hand with being a coffee lover. A great place to get a coffee, tea, smoothie or even milkshake is Boston Tea Party. With free wifi and all the breakfast choices you could want it also makes a great place to catch up on that back log of emails and watch the world go by.

Studio Space

Finding that perfect place to set up shop can be a hard task. One of our particular favourites is Studio 31 just off Berkeley Square. They provide office spaces in a variety of sizes to suit your particular needs. Specifically offered to creative businesses in order to build a community environment and meaning you’ll always have someone to head to the pub with after a long day.


So we’ve covered some of the essentials, now to introduce you to Bristol Media. A creative network with the mission to nourish and grow innovation in the region. Yes you do have to be a member, but the membership fees are reasonable and from what we can see worth it for what you gain. They offer everything from advice and guidance to workshops and helping you connect with the right people to move forward in your business. A helping hand we could all use, especially if you have just moved to a new city.


So there you have it. A few helpful, we hope, pointers in the right direction if you’re planning on relocating to Bristol.

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