Stockist Interview – Badger

Over the next few months, every two weeks, we will be running a series of blog posts dedicated to the places where Reclaim is available. Be it an actual shop, or an online platform, we will be doing interviews with the founders. Not only so you can find out where you can buy Reclaim, but also so you can learn more about our great stockists!

Our first interview is with Meg from alternative boutique Badger in Chesterfield.

Badger - Chesterfield

  1. Tell us a little about the history of the shop?

I began working on opening the shop in late 2012/early 2013. I have always wanted to open and own my own shop and alternative clothing is something that Chesterfield has been missing for a long time. I seeked help from other shop owners and The Prince’s Trust, whose support I wouldn’t have been able to do this without. All the hard work paid off when we opened in Summer 2014 and since then, the reception the shop has had has been amazing.

  1. How did you decide on the name?

We named the shop Badger (weird for a clothing shop, I know). My main influence and help came from my Uncle, who always encouraged me to play guitar and listen to good music. He always told me that if I started a band I should name it ‘Filthy Stinking Badger’ however this seemed a bit too wordy for a shop, so we settled on just ‘Badger’. Surprisingly, it has been really easy to find Badger related items to decorate the shop with haha.

  1. What products could we expect to find in the shop today?

A little bit of everything! We only sell two major brands (Warrior Clothing and Hell Bunny) and other than that, every item we have comes from independent companies, all run by a single person. Because of this, we have all kinds of items, from the Reclaim bags, handmade books and jewellery to sunglasses, jumpers, second hand clothing, braces and so much more. The reason we get in brands so different from each other is so that they’re is always something in the shop that appeals to everyone.

  1. How would you describe your typical customer?

Its strange, because when we opened I imagined our typical customer to be 18-25 year olds who like alternative clothing and music, but we literally have customers from all walks of life. We have people in their later years reliving their ‘punk’ years to children under 10, spending their pocket money. I honestly couldn’t say we have a typical customer.

  1. How do you find brands to stock in the shop?

When we first started, we had about 5 brands in the shop, we now have over 20 and there is still more to come! To begin with, we took hours looking for brands we thought would suite the shop and we made some great contacts and some life long friends who helped the shop get where it was. We then took a step back from getting in touch with brands and we found brands started to get in touch with us. When a brand gets in touch, we spend a lot of time looking through their websites, Facebook, Instagram and whatever else we can find to see if their items would work well in the shop, usually it’s a yes! We love brands getting in touch with us and some of our best selling products have been from brands who have approached us!

  1. If designers want to pitch their products to you, what is the best way to get in touch?

We LOVE looking at new products and talking to other business owners! We usually recommend that companies send over a bit of information and some links to our email ( and take it from there!

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