Stockist Interview – The Permanent Pop Up

We have a brand new stockist interview for you to get your teeth into. This week we chatted to Kaylie, owner and founder of The Permanent Pop Up in London.

The Permanent Pop Up

1. Tell us a little about the history of the shop?

The shop has been open a year and a half and we have welcomed over 100 independent designers. Coming from a designer background, I really understand the struggles young designers face when it comes to exposure and retail. Therefore I wanted to provide affordable options of exposure across the wide breadth of fashion, and there is no better location for this than Soho, central London!

2. How did you decide on the name?

The name of the business came from the need to provide flexible pop up space for independent designers, but on a permanent basis. So, as opposed to a pop-up shop being here one day and gone the next, I wanted to provide a permanent location for exposure.

3. What products could we expect to find in the shop today?

We have a diverse mix of products from womenswear, accessories and jewellery. To see all of our collections please feel free to hop on over to our Designer Collections showcase on our website.

4. How would you describe your typical customer?

Our customers are always looking for items they can’t find on the high street! We pride ourself on stocking collections that aren’t mainstream and we have many limited edition and one-off pieces.

5. How do you find brands to stock in the shop?

We are always sure to have a carefully curated selection that fits in with our customers. We like to approach brands whom we think would be a good fit, and we also have many brands get in touch with us directly to stock opportunities.

6. If designers want to pitch their products to you, what is the best way to get in touch?

We’d love to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch! They can enquire about the space via email

Find Reclaim on The Permanent Pop Up here.

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