Stockist Interview – Wears London

It’s that time again, read our third interview in the series. We speak to founder Amanda from Wears London, both an online marketplace and a lovely boutique shop in Greenwich.


Wears London logo


  1. Tell us a little about the history of the shop?

Wears London started as a website but as with any small business, it’s a slow process to connect to and get feedback from your customers, therefore we saw an opportunity to open a retail outlet on a short term basis for 1 month over the Christmas period in Greenwich.  Reclaim bags and a couple of other sellers were our very first calls and as soon as we opened our door, we realized that this was something that could be really successful. 21 months later and we’re still there, retail is tough but we connect with fantastic people every day and get direct feedback so we love it.


 2. How did you decide on the name?

The name genuinely just came to me one night, I think I may have been doing something dull like washing up… After chatting to lots of my more creative friends and jotting down a million ideas, we still couldn’t think of anything that said what we actually do, we were letting it get far too complicated and I was keen to keep it simple and memorable, I’ve always been happy with the name and people constantly mention it.


  1. What products could we expect to find in the shop today?

It’s a real mix, we try to ensure we have a really eclectic mix of items to reflect the different styles you’ll find around London. We have some fabulous upcycled items, bags and jewellery in particular, one of our makers uses every part of old watches to make steampunk jewellery which is hugely popular. We also have the most beautiful tweed handmade jackets and gorgeous children’s reversible dresses at the moment. We change our stock regularly.


  1. How would you describe your typical customer?

Our customers vary widely, Greenwich is a fabulous place because it has strong student community and affluent areas surrounding it which means we get repeat customers however its really popular with tourists because of the Meridian line, Royal Naval college and Cutty Sark so we have a huge selection of customers, no one day is the same.


  1. How do you find brands to stock in the shop?

Social media is a great way to find new exciting brands, twitter and Facebook especially, we also regularly visit the markets and shows around London where we can meet new potential sellers. Now that we’ve been here a little while, we also now get people approaching us which always feels great.


 5. If designers want to pitch their products to you, what is the best way to get in touch?

            Again, now that social media is used in most peoples lives on a daily basis, we’re easy to find. Contacting us via twitter or facebook is one way, popping into the shop or dropping us an email ( We are always delighted to hear from new people and even if there isn’t space in the shop now, we like to promote designers and designer makers so there are always opportunities for promotion as well as working with us on line, we’re about to launch our new and much improved website so it’s an exciting time to get in touch.

Find Reclaim on Wears London here.

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